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 Prince Smoke

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PostSubject: Prince Smoke   Prince Smoke Icon_minitimeSun Oct 22, 2017 1:33 am

Prince Smoke Prince10

Title: Prince Smoke of Mischief and Rage

Celestial type: Demonic

Personality: Angry, mischievous, snarky, dickish, dry humor, sarcastic, can be friendly and caring

likes: playing with his fire abilities, conquering planets, mortal culture, enjoys video games, laughing evily, fooling around, mocking his enemies, capes, his family and few friends, power, red black and grey, art and fighting.

dislikes: losing, idiots, threats to his subjects, cold water, disloyalty, lack of respect.  


Immortality: As a half celestial, Smoke is very hard to put down. he can be hurt but to kill him would take another half celestial, a celestial or a being strong enough to match up to a half celestial. He's immune to sickness and cannot die naturally.

Flame attacks: Smoke posses the ability to manipulate fire, and uses this to his advantage, for example...

fire balls: Smoke can throw balls made of fire at objects, and people.

hellfire barrier: a barrier of hellfire that surrounds smoke, defending him from attacks

Smoke can also engulf his limbs in flames to add a bigger punch,kick or stomp.

Rage abilities: Smoke has an anger problem and this fule's his flame. The angrier Smoke becomes the stronger his fire blazes. Smoke also has an untapped form within him, only unlocked by pure lividness.


Smokes weaknesses are --

Water or cold based attacks, a stronger half celestial or being, and any of the queens. his emotions and rage can be used against him and his fetish is a weakness as well.


As a child, Smoke was raised by a mortal king. Because of this, he learned about mercy and has humanity in him. he grew up among mortals. but one day,at the age of 9  Smoke was brought to his mother Lillian, and the seed of darkness that was planted into the boy grew and grew.

Now as a teenager, Smoke delights in the siege of planets and death of his enemies. Smoke will how no mercy to those who dare attack him or his kingdom. Smoke can be cold blooded, sadistic and blood thirsty. However, somtimes his humanity will get the better of him and he will show mercy.

Smoke loves space travel and looking through the stars in between missions and raids of planets to be brought into his rule. Instead of sitting in the sidelines, he chooses to fight with his soldiers and because of this his army respects him immensely.

Smokes relationship with his mother is strange. He wants nothing but to please her and be loved by his mother. He admires and looks up to her. He wants to make her proud and because of his strong desire for acceptance, he will go the extra mile to be cruel and unusual to his enemies.
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Prince Smoke
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