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 Femigarian Empire

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PostSubject: Femigarian Empire   Femigarian Empire Icon_minitimeThu Feb 15, 2018 6:38 pm

The Femiscarian Empire, started on a small planet named Terra Prime, in a galaxy far away. The humans fought themselves for centuries before the empire, until 5 sisters rose up and seized control of the most dominant faction. These sisters became the first Matriarchs. The Matriarchs unified Terra Prime under bloody conquest, their superior technology, and seemingly mystical power making it quick work. A cult popped up, worshipping the Matriarchs as goddesses which soon became the dominant religion of the empire. Within a generation The Empire took to the stars and began colonizing the surrounding star systems. And if the native population disagreed with this, they were quickly either exterminated or indoctrinated into the imperial cult. Now the empire holds a vast majority of the galaxy. With only small pockets of independent space, and independent powers left.

Government: constitutional monarchy-
the five Matriarchs are the commanders and chiefs of the Imperial Army and Navy, along with the chief diplomats. They are also the heads of the Imperial Cult. they can veto any law the Senate proposes so long as three of the empresses agree to do so. The empresses also run the courts..
5 Matriarchs are-
The Matriarch of Valor- is the most militaristic, and who a lot of legionaries and sailors pray to.
The Matriarch of Justice- appoints the judiciums, and runs the courts.
The Matriarch of Harmony- runs the Diplomatic missions to the Imperium's vassal states and its few neighbors.
The Matriarch of Wisdom- runs the Administratum, usually can be found touring the imperium's many schools. Looking for ways to improve the education of her subjects
The Matriarch of Loyalty- Runs the Inquisition and the Commissariate

The senate is the legislative body of elected officials from the whole of the empire. Passing laws and handling day to day duties so that the empresses can be free to focusing upon the unification of the galaxy.

The Inquisition- led by the Matriarch of loyalty, the inquisition seeks out the heretic. Any who oppose the state religion or are overall dissenters. The Commissariate also falls under their sphere.
The Legion:

Added ranks

Commissar -Each Century also contains a Commissar. Commissars have their own rank structure; starting at Initiate Commissar, to sister Commissar, to cannoness Commissar, then Abbess Commissars, until finally the Grand Holy lady Commissar who runs the Commissariat. all commissars are female, as only they can understand the holy Matriarchs will. all commissars have the ability to shrink people, tho a commissar's rank indicates how much they can shrink a person.

Knight- a knight is a woman who has been blessed by the Matriarch of valor, each were given a suit of mech armor that allows them to grow. these armors are very advanced and the daughters of these houses train everyday to wear them. the higher ranked the knight the bigger they can grow. knights are organized into feudal houses. ranks go as follow; Squire (25ft), Knight (50ft), Baroness (100ft), Countess (1000ft), Duchess (1 mile), Arch Duchess (100 miles), Holy Paladin (1000 miles). a member of a higher house is almost always escorted by members of her servant houses. in essence the knightly houses are a sort of independent kingdom within the empire that provides the empires most devastating troops. there is always at least 1 knight aboard any ship of importance within the imperial navy. the more important the ship, the higher rank a knight will be aboard it, along with her houses vassal houses.

There are a total of 25 legions currently within the imperium, with over a hundred Axillary forces spread throughout.
The 1st legion is the Praetorians, who guard Terra Prime, and the Empresses.

The Navy-
Fleets are based around the number of battleships. So one battleship is escorted at all times by 2 battlebarge carriers, 4 cruisers, 5 light cruisers and a varying amount of smaller escorts. Ranks in accordance with ships are as followed:
Battleship - lord admiral
Battlebarge- rear admiral
Cruiser- commodore
Light cruiser and escorts- Captain
When a fleet consists of only escorts and light cruisers, then the senior most captain is given the rank “commander.”
Each empress has her own personal flagship. Each is custom and usually much larger than even the biggest of battleships.
Each star system is largely independent from one another, containing its own agricultural, economy, and manufacturing. Along with their own sub cultures under the generally accepted laws of the Empire.
special planets are designated for Legion and Naval training planets, along with military outposts

Culture- Terra Prime is a vast sprawling metropolis. filled with gilded buildings of sparkling marble and gold. vast statues and temples to the goddess empresses dot its parks and buildings.
the general culture is that of the roman empire during the Pax Romana.
The culture within the empire is completely matriarchal. With men being 2nd class citizens with a lot of restrictions upon their existence. The average woman stands 8ft tall while then average male stands between 5-6ft tall.
Slavery is a common and accepted practice of the empire. Especially the enslavement of men.
anyone born on Terra Prime or is a descendant of someone born on Terra Prime is a natural born citizen. Except men, who like all others must earn their citizenship by either serving in the auxiliaries for 25 years, or serving in a lower governmental post for 40 years.
they are a space faring race. their ships are very ornate if it privately owned, while military ships are very spartan. usually painted in their legion's colors. if they are painted at all.
legionaries are armored with a ballistic armor called "Lorica" that consists of a helmet, a chest and shoulder piece, greaves, and vambraces. they are armed with a laser rifle, a personal energy shield call a Scutum, and a vibro-gladius. heavy weapons are only issued to the second and third cohorts of a legion, consisting of heavy slug weapons, missiles and other more destructive weapons
Axillaries are equipped depending on their specialties. scouts have slug carbines, armored have tanks and the like. artillery have railgun howitzers and grav- mortars.
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Femigarian Empire
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