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 Scruffy, Fledgling of Lillian

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PostSubject: Scruffy, Fledgling of Lillian   Scruffy, Fledgling of Lillian Icon_minitimeWed Dec 13, 2017 12:58 pm

Title: Scruffy, pet Vampire of Lady Liyla.

Celestial type: Vampire

Personality: Quintessential Sick Fuck

Likes: Wreaking havok on the mortal flock and partaking the following blood feast, amusing his trainer Chaos Angel Cornelia, pleasing his Lady Liyla.

Dislikes: Failing his trainer and disappointing his Lady, the ensuing punishment of such failure.

Powers: Limited Immortality - As a vampire, Scruffy does not age and cannot die by natural means. If killed, he can save his soul and regenerate himself by substituting his soul for that of one person he previously fed on. He can, of course, be killed by Goddesses capable of destroying his soul outright. Otherwise, one will have to kill him once for every different person he has fed on.

Summon Familiars - For every victim Scruffy feeds on, his body acts as storage for their souls. He is able to call upon those souls to fight for him as well as guard his own soul.

Bat form - Scruffy can travel across the night sky as a massive flock of bats, reforming into his natural shape when he reaches his destination.

Mist form - Scruffy can make his body as intangible as mist, allowing him to pass through cracks and crevices too small for his natural body or even let conventional weapons pass through his body without harming him.

Hypnosis - Weak minded mortals are vulnerable to Scruffy's influence. With a simple effort of will, he can make humans and creatures below them bend to his whim.

Superhuman strength - Scruffy's vampiric strength is to a level he can throw vehicles as though they were as light as a basketball.

Superhuman speed - See Scruffy standing at the other end of a city block? Blink once and he'll be in your face.

Superhuman agility - Place a giant wall of machine guns in front of him and unload every bullet. If he doesn't simply mist through them, he'll dip and dodge around and between every single one.

Weaknesses: Silver - The touch of silver burns Scruffy's flesh as though it were white hot metal. A silver bullet can be seriously detrimental if it doesn't penetrate.

Water - The touch of water burns Scruffy's flesh as though it were acid. Submerging in water is almost a surefire way to kill him if no one is around to extract him.

Sunlight - The loving warmth of the sun is a scolding oven to Scruffy. The touch of sunlight will boil his flesh, however he can amend this weakness by covering his skin with simple clothing.

Bio: When Lillian created he Chaos Angels to search the mortal fold for playthings to do her bidding, Scruffy was quickly taken by Cordelia. The experience for him was either a very loving one or a very cruel one, depending on whether or not he obeyed the Angel and how well he did what he was told. Slaughtering families and feasting on the blood of the children, that would earn him Cordelia's warm embrace. Failing her tasks, hesitence to carry out her will, showing even a hint of remorse in the horrible deeds she commanded, and she would agonize him within an inch of his sanity. After only a few years, Scruffy was Cordelia's perfect weapon of slaughter, numb to pleas of mercy and relishing in a job well done, basking in the bloody feast granted to him by the Angel. Tens of thousands had fallen to his savagery under Cordelia's simple promise to one day introduce him to her 'Goddess' if he continued to be a 'good boy.' To meet the Mistress of his Mistress, that mere curiosity drove him to continue his feast and spread unyielding chaos and despair across the mortal flock.

The blood is the life.
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Scruffy, Fledgling of Lillian
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