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 Lanoushka / Lavernia

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PostSubject: Lanoushka / Lavernia    Lanoushka / Lavernia  Icon_minitimeFri Oct 27, 2017 12:29 pm

Title(s): Lanoushka, the Dream. Lavernia, the Nightmare.
Real name: Unknown to all but the Creator
Celestial Type: Neutral

Lanoushka / Lavernia  Laka_by_mother_mao-dbrvq0i

Personality: 2-Faced, Uncaring, Apathetic, Remorseless
[ Lanoushka: Loving, Caring, Passionate, Sensual ]
[ Lavernia: Cruel, Unforgiving, Malevolent, Autocratic ]

Likes: Sleeping, Creating Different Dreams and Nightmares for her subjects across the worlds, Playing Tricks, Being either Lanoushka Or Lavernia

Dislikes: Having to wake up from her Sleeping State, Doing anything Physical, Being Groomed in Reality,

Absolute Immortality
Queen is unable to die, age, get sick, or be permanently wounded, is absolutely self-sustained.  Any injuries the user suffers immediately heal, even if the user's body is disintegrated or blown up or completely deleted, even if the user is completely destroyed to the sub-atomic level, they will still return to life unless willed by her creator.

Omni-Sleep / Dreams and Nightmares
This Queen has the power to control the very concept of sleep, whether manipulating one's ability or inability to sleep or awaken, causing insomnia or a comatose in her victims. During the stages of sleep of others, whether having daydreams to being comatose, she can transmit and receive information to those who drift off into a resting state. Due to this being a more cerebral power, this gives her empathy and an ultimate level of telepathy over her sleeping subjects. Manifesting an entire plane, that overlaps the waking world's universe, this Queen's World of Sleep is where all sleeping souls go to dream based on Karmatic experience and/or the queen's personal will of who dreams of what. This also means she is able to influence sleep without being present in the waking world. At it's full power, she can cause any and every living organism within the universe to sleep, bringing them to her domain of dreams, even stopping time by putting it to sleep, or bringing reality itself into the Dream World and altering it. She can enter the dreams of others, and even imprison one's soul within the dream, leaving their body comatose until the soul-chain is severed and/or withers away due to death of the body. She can induce powerful Nightmares as well as dreams that can inflict effects on the soul and the body the soul is connected to, implementing the same effects the soul experienced in the dream, ranging from lacerations and abrasions to nocturnal emissions; this power is also able to affect daydreams, and hallucinations of the mind due to restlessness. The Queen's power of Dreams and Nightmare can even extend to the real world itself, allowing her to send her manifestations of absolutely anything she desired into the waking world, and in return, drag objects ranging from random tools to beings, living or non-living, immortal or supernatural, into her Dream World.


In General:
All Omni-Powers can affect this Queen and knock her out if powerful enough to attack her while she is in the Waking World, causing her body to be vulnerable until she returns to her Realm of Dreams.

Mental Weaknesses:

Split Personality: Due to controlling both Dreams and Nightmares, the two sides personify her, causing a drastic change in emotion from time to time, ranging from love to scorn, or from Mother to Mistress instantly. She does not have full control over which personality has control and often does not realize it is happening, but she can Influence a certain side of her to show over the other.

Delusional: Due to such prolong exposure to the Realm of Dreams, and ability to create her own reality within, this queen as fully lost touch with reality and has been inflicted with Psychosis, now having the inability to determine Fantasy from Reality. Due to this, there is no easy way to influence or manipulate her because of her level of understanding and thinking is warped compared to the rest of her family and the world.

Insomniac: Due to constant maintenance of the Realm of Sleep, this queen is often restless when outside of her domain, due to her not requiring any sleep within. Due to this, she becomes  excessively tired and sleepy after prolonged exposure to reality, often having dark circles and bags under her eyes moments after entry.


Unlike the vast majority of her family, this Queen's body exists primarily in the Realm of Dreams, thus making her far weaker in strength compared to her family. Instead, she is one of the most cerebrally excelled Queen, who understands, communicates, and receives thoughts, feelings, emotions through the minds of others. Not that the physical form of this Queen isn't terrifyingly powerful, the might of her sisters and cousins often outshine the sleeping one in terms of reality. However, in her realm of dreams, she is the one who excels in anything and everything, becoming what some view as a master telepath with her powers, inside and out of reality in specific circumstances.

Not one who had attempted to conquer planets and solar systems like some of her tyrannical relatives, she had something bigger in mind that she wanted to possess. The Universe. Strive to be like The Creator, she began to craft her Realm as she called it, she possessed enough power to overlay the universe with it. Due to this feat, she became eternally fatigued and sleepy whilst awake, barely able to keep consciousness within reality. In order to save herself from an eternal rest outside of domain, she retreated to this Realm she created, and was instantly rejuvenated. Full of Life and Energy, she began to work, as she was then visited by the countless souls she had put to sleep within her first attempt. In order to keep the balance of what she decided to manifest, she embodied two entities, Lanoushka and Lavernia, each carrying a vivid personality opposite of the other.

Though, she originally started this plan to possess The Creator's Universe for herself, the amount of fun she obtained from staying asleep within this realm of hers and freely being able to do what she wanted, she felt as if she was her own Creator and didn't need such a boring existence that was reality. That being her thought, she continued her slumber within, not leaving such a realm without a proper need.
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Lanoushka / Lavernia
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