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 Queen Myra

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War Devi Myra
War Devi Myra

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PostSubject: Queen Myra   Queen Myra Icon_minitimeSun Oct 22, 2017 7:17 pm

Queen Myra Myra_s10

Title: Queen Myra

Celestial Type: Demonic

Personality: Cruel, Sadistic, Dominant, Warmonger, Tyrannical, Malicious, Merciless, Arrogant

Likes: Playing war games with her sisters, Expanding her rule over new planets and solar systems (Not excluding those already ruled by her sisters), Seeing what new destructive weaponry her subjects (mortals and such) manage to create, watching massive battles take place (Sometimes joining them), mortals who excel in the acts of war, as well as all forms of destruction, violence and all the drowning fear and suffering that comes with them.

Dislikes: Peace, Beating beaten in any manner of the sense, Weakness in her subjects, Deserters and Cowards.

Myra’s Powers:

Absolute Immortality
- As a Celestial Being Myra possesses absolute immortality, is unable to die, age, get sick, or be permanently wounded, is absolutely self-sustained, immune to mental/spiritual damage. Myra’s existence and soul become completely free and independent of even the concept of reality, making Her unbound to the subjects of life, death, and manipulations, the only being able to truly harm her in a sense of actual damage is the creator.

Omni War - Myra can create, shape and manipulate every aspect of war whether it be physical, mental or spiritual and conceptual ones regardless of the area and the number of people involved, control how they progress and draw power both from the conflict alone as well as the dying from it. She has the power to induce entire planets, countries, civilizations and whole races of beings to become warlike at her beck and call. She can assist warriors on the battlefield by enhancing their various war like attributes such as swordsmanship and archery as examples or even revealing herself to an individual warrior as a reflection upon a weapon that he/she wields (Reflection on a blade or appearing within a visor or rifle scope.) and advise them mid battle. She can boost the anger and rage of individuals for the purpose of increasing their veracity in battle or to begin a confrontation in the first place. It goes without saying that Myra is the most martial prowess amongst her fellow queens for she has no equal when it comes to battle strategy and combat.

Myra Possess supernatural strength level 2.

Myra’s Weaknesses:

1 - Opposing forces of her powers and nature: Peace & Order

2 - Feels pain to a certain degree and can get knocked out if enough force is applied ( the force must be intense on at least cosmical level such as Absolute strength)

3 - Has a sensitive butt

4 - Is perhaps one of if not the most hubris of her sisters

Myra’s bio:

Myra is one of the twelve Celestial Queens of the Empire galaxy. She has a firm control grasp around 6 large solar systems  and continues to expand her rule to more. At the very beginning however she didn’t conquer instead what feel upon dozens if not hundreds of worlds was…a butcher. The literal existing incarnation of war itself traversed world after world cutting a merciless gash of carnage and destruction wherever she went. It was all she cared about at first. The intense battle-lust she craved which never seemed to be satisfied. The pure act of watering the surface of a planet with all the blood of its inhabitants leaving it as a lasting monument to her power; red marbles among the stars. A single warrior would fall to her as easily as an entire army.

Over time and after the almost full annihilation of many worlds the need to conquer instead of annihilate began to settle into Myra. Instead of outright slaughtering nearly all life she came across she’d begin to spare certain civilizations that appeared to show promise. In time these peoples and races formed into a single Queendom ruled under Myra and truly flourished due to the resources and man power gained from constant expansion and war. Myra’s empire has the technology to traverse the stars on their own without even needing her assistance as they continue to spread her glory across other solar systems.

In the present day Myra is hailed by countless stone statues within temples, her symbol shown on ships and even carved into weapons as a way for her followers to gain her favor. It is known that the Queen truly does exist despite most of the day to day governing being handled by a council of officials while Myra sits at its head as the supreme authority figure. Her word is law.

A Captain’s Prayer within Myra’s Many Legions

“We pray before the battle, we pray during the battle, we pray after the battle.”

“We pray that each shot fires true, we pray that each slash goes deep, we pray that each blow hits hard.”

“We live for her. We fight for her. We die for her.”

“We are legion. We are strong. To glory and greatness within Queen Myra’s arms.”

“We are legion. We are strong. To glory and greatness, with me brothers, to arms!”
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Queen Myra
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