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 Queen Evalia

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PostSubject: Queen Evalia   Queen Evalia Icon_minitimeThu Oct 26, 2017 6:00 am

Queen Evalia MVC1Xuj

Title:Queen Evalia

Celestial Type: Demonic

Personality: Sadomasochistic, strict, happy, tyrannical, cute, oppressive, loving, vicious when defied, loyal, and honorable

Likes: Dominant sisters, loyal subjects, organizing her kingdoms, honor, torturing lawbreakers, playing evil games with souls on the line.
Dislikes: being called cute, disorganization, being teased by anyone who is not celestial in anyway, Criminals[according to her only], anyone defiant to her or her sisters rule, liars.

Evalia's Powers :

Absolute Immortality - As a Celestial Being Evalia possesses absolute immortality, is unable to die, age, get sick, or be permanently wounded, is absolutely self-sustained, immune to mental/spiritual damage. Evalia's existence and soul become completely free and independent of even the concept of reality, making Her unbound to the subjects of life, death, and manipulations, the only being able to truly harm her in a sense of actual damage is the creator.

Omni-Electromagnesis(EM Spectrum) - Evalia can create, shape and manipulate all manners of energy that exist within the electromagnetic spectrum of any frequency with absolute authority. This level of power range includes; radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays , cosmic rays and gamma rays. In addition, it allows her to manipulate Gravitons[Gravity itself], Terahertz radiation and Zero Point energy.
Of which includes Evalia's favored use which is Lightning of all types, including her ability of creating Cosmic Storms capable of wiping out entire planets with ease and can easily endanger entire solar systems if desired. However, the more she uses this power on a grand scale the more it drains her of energy and weakens her, makeing her sleepy and/or dizzy.
-->Planet Control - Using her power over the EM Spectrum, Evalia is able to freely control the atmosphere of her planet(s) as well as the unprotected planets. She can deprive the planet of conditions and pull them out of one orbit and into another. This is what allowed Evalia to conquer her sub-planets.

Evalia Possess supernatural strength level 2

Evalia's Weaknesses:

1- Opposing forces of her powers and nature. Interestingly, Evalia is more vulnerable to the forces of Chaos, rather then Order.

2- Feels pain to a certain degree can get knocked out if enough force applied ( the force must be intense on at least cosmic level, such as Absolute strength)

3- Sensitive toes.

4- Impressionable behavior

5- Submissive nature towards her sisters, including those on the side of Good. Evalia has an interesting relationship with both Lillian and Luna leading her to get confused and flustered when both sisters make conflicting demands of her.
Evalia's bio:

Evalia is one of the 12 Celestial Queens that hails from the Superplanet Kingdom known throughout the Cosmos as the Aldenian Empire. She wasn't among the first of the Celestials to be born though.
But before her rule over the planet, Evalia was more of a planet-jumper and observer in her childhood. She took a fascination over kingdoms and hierarchies. Occassionally causing problems just to observe as the problems were fixed overtime.

She lived as a mortal among both orderly societies and chaotic settlements to study how they functioned. Evalia ultimately came to view freedom as the single biggest hurdle that stifled the growth and maintainance of many species.
Evalia was not kind as many believe her to be. She has a gentle and affectionate personality, but she's also been the type to crush people violently with the same kind grin on her face. The kind smile betraying her cruel and heartless nature, yet benefitting her manipulative tendencies.

After finding what she wanted to do, she began conquering planets and installing Tyrannical empires and watching them crumble one by one as she practiced extensively effective tactics at ruling over mortals that were drawn to chaos.
Such actions lead to interesting conflicts with Lillian and Luna. Lillian, for defying Chaos. And Luna, for using Order for evil and selfish purposes.
Regardless, neither really did anything to stop her and instead tried to influence her. This caused Evalia to develop a loving rivalry with both of her older sisters.
It wasn't until Luna had abandoned a Superplanet of her own creation that Evalia stepped in and established her permanent rule, leading to the birth of "Aldenia". Through her efforts of trial and error in the past from watching many of her previous kingdoms crumble, Evalia found the perfect balance to not only control an oppressive empire but to build it up to be strong and powerful without exausting it's resources or breaking her subjects.

In addition to the Superplanet, Evalia had conquered 11 other smaller planets and one small star to serve as her world's Sun. Her power allowing her to kidnap any planet she wants and allowing her to literally move her planet across space, like a giant starship, from solar system to solar system.
Evalia's Aldenian Empire is a rare society where humans are actively protected and guided by a Celestial Queen. It is also one of the most advanced and successful civilizations in existance as well as one of the most oppressive. Obeying it's laws guarentees safety, but breaking even a small one leads to an merciless punishment that not even children are safe from.
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Queen Evalia
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